Monumental Gandharan Gilded Head of Prince Siddartha £40,000-£60,000Byzantine Enamelled Gold Cross £5,000-£7,000Chinese Tang Polo Player Pair £5,000-£7,000Elizabethan Gold Signet Ring with Scottish Rampant Lion £4,000-£6,000The 'Kingsworthy' Anglo-Saxon Appliqué £8,000-10,000William Harvey of Tarrent Launceston Gold Personal Signet Ring £4,000-£6,000Scandinavian Box Brooch £5,000-7,000Medieval Gold Monogram Ring with Natural Diamond £5,000-£7,000Roman Legionary Pugio with Scabbard £8,000-10,000Life-size Roman Statue Hand £8,000-£10,000Byzantine Marble Reliquary Casket £8,000-£10,000Viking Silver and Gold Inlaid Axehead £8,000-£10,000Roman Mosaic Panel with Ostriches £8,000-£10,000Roman Guardian Statuette £8,000-10,000Western Asiatic Achaemenid Pale Green Cut-Glass Rhyton £120,000-£170,000Greek Figural Mirror Handle with Rams £10,000-£14,000The 'Wenhaston Lion' Animalier Candlestick £3,000-4,000Charles I 'Bristol' Shilling £4,000-6,000The 'Kingswood' Medieval Plantagenet Gold Ring with Garnet £6,000-£8,000Egyptian Gilt Face Mask £5,000-£7,000Gothic Gold Clad Silver Brooch Pair with Garnets £30,000-£40,000Heavy Scandinavian Viking Gold Twisted Bracelet £10,000-£14,000

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