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Egyptian Core-Formed Royal KrateriskosRoman Head of a NoblemanGreek Attic Black-Figure VesselByzantine Silver-Gilt Priest's Altar GroupMerovingian Gold and Garnet Ornament SetIslamic Ram-Headed Gold Bracelet PairRenaissance Marble Trough with RoundelsIslamic Abbasid Engraved Glass BottleWestern Asiatic Elamite Silver Ornamented Libation HornWestern Asiatic Anatolian Farmer Ploughing a Field with a Pair of OxenScythian Gold Clad Ropework TorcByzantine Gilt Silver Reliquary Cross Pendant with SaintsViking Gilt Box Brooch with Masks and InterlacePost Medieval Duke of Wellington Cameo Signed Morelli in Gold RingRoman Head of Bacchus Mosaic PanelWestern Asiatic Babylonian Infantry HelmetMedieval Gold Inscribed Quadruple 'Ring-Brooch' Love Ring

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