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​The TimeLine Experience

​Since its founding, TimeLine has connected thousands of collectors with ancient art, introducing new enthusiasts to the joy of collecting and providing a platform for established collectors to develop and expand their collections. Through our beautiful catalogues, website, viewing days and rostrum auctions in central London, we invite you to learn about, enjoy and own antiquities from across the ancient world. Our auctions bring together unique pieces from ancient civilisations ranging from Ancient Egypt, Early-Medieval Europe and the classical Mediterranean to the ancient cultures of India and Southeast Asia, China and the pre-Columbian Americas.

TimeLine has developed an unmatched network of collectors, dealers, agents and experts to offer you some of the largest collections of ancient art. Each lot in our auction has been expertly researched, catalogued and professionally photographed, supported by TimeLine’s customer satisfaction guarantee. In this process we are proud to draw on the expertise of our consultants and specialists, respected and recognised experts in their fields, to provide our customers with the highest level of service and trust.

For collectors, working with TimeLine is a mutual relationship that grows with every acquisition. Our experienced and passionate staff are committed to bringing ancient art closer to each and every client, regardless of experience and budget, providing them with the opportunity to acquire ancient art with confidence. TimeLine Auctions also provides a comprehensive and confidential selling and valuation service.

Auction Catalogue

Viewing from noon Monday 27th May 2019
Champagne Reception: 6pm - 9pm

Tuesday 28th May 2019 (Day 1)
10am : Lots 1 - 660

Auction Venue:
The Court House
363 Main Road
Harwich, CO12 4DN

10am GMT Start (Lunch 1.30 - 2pm)
Wednesday 29th May 2019 (Day 2)
Lots 700 - 1400
Thursday 30th May 2019 (Day 3)
Lots 1401 - 2112
Friday 31st May 2019 (Day 4)
Lots 2113 - 2817
Saturday 1st June 2019 (Day 5)
Lots 2818 - 3306
Coins: 3401 - 3579
Sunday 2nd June 2019 (Day 6)
Coins, Notes & Medals
Lots 3600 - 4387

See auction lots: