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Instructions for registration with TimeLine Auctions

Please follow the instructions below to create your account.

Please note that the account has to be authorised before we are able to accept any bids.


Creating and activating your account

(1) on the homepage, click on 'Register'

(2) enter your details in the provided fields

Title - use the drop-down menu to select the appropriate title
Surname - your family name
Forename - your personal name
Company name - only required for company registrations
Address - please note: if you intend to pay by credit or debit card, this should be the address to which the card is registered
Town - your town or postal district
County/State - your county, departement, state or other local region
Postcode/ZIP code - your alphanumeric postal zone identifier
Country - use the drop-down menu to select your country
Telephone - your preferred telephone contact number
Mobile - an alternative mobile cell-phone contact number (optional)
Email - your preferred email address for contact, also used for logging in and for recovering forgotten password
Trade reference - for commercial customers only, please provide the name and address of an established dealer or auction house with which you deal regularly
Choose a password - for security purposes this should include both letters and numbers
Repeat your password - re-type your password to ensure that it has been correctly entered

(3) Please upload a proof of identity (a copy of a valid passport, driving licence or a national identity card)

(4) Once you have completed the information, tick the boxes to confirm that you accept the Terms and Conditions and are over 18 years old, and that you agree and consent to the Privacy Policy

(5) Please confirm that you are a real person by ticking the 'I'm not a robot' box

(6) Click on the button 'Submit your Registration'

(7) A confirmation email will be sent shortly to the email address provided.

If you have any difficulties or questions, please contact us by email to accounts@timelineauctions.com  or by calling us during our office hours on +44 (0) 1277 815121

NB. Should we require any further information, such as a proof of address, we will email you within the office hours.