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19 March 2010 - Catalogue download


Sale 1 - Coins:

Catalogue-COINS - PDF file (for online viewing - 13.91MB)

Catalogue-COINS - ZIP file (for download - 13.91MB)


Sale 2 - Antiquities:

Catalogue-ANTIQUITIES - PDF file (for online viewing - 42.42MB)

Catalogue-ANTIQUITIES - ZIP file (for download - 42.42MB)


If you would like to place a commision bid, download this form:

Commision Form - PDF file

Commision Form - ZIP file


Then send to:

TimeLine Auctions Limited, PO Box 193, Upminster, RM14 3WH, United Kingdom

or fax to:

+44 (0) 1708 225689


Please note that all comission bids must be received by no later than 9pm on 18th March 2010 and be acknowledged by TimeLine Auctions.