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Home > Auctions > 2nd June 2020 > Large Egyptian Tomb Model with Baker

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LOT 0001

GBP (£) 1,800 - 2,400
EUR (€) 1,990 - 2,650
USD ($) 2,210 - 2,950

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£1,800 (EUR 1,989; USD 2,214) (+bp*)

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Large Egyptian Tomb Model with Baker

Middle Kingdom, 2050-1652 BC

A large wooden tableau of a male worker seated, wearing a shendyt kilt, painted details to the face, red pigment to the body, holding a fan in the extended right hand, both arms pegged to the body; in front of an oval oven with separate lid, with frontal opening for bread, on a rectangular base. 512 grams, 22.5cm (9"). Fair condition. Rare.

From a UK collection; formerly in an early 20th century collection.
See Taylor, J.H., Death and the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt, London, 2001.