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Home > Auctions > 25th February 2020 > Ancient Greek Coins - Tarsos - Datames - Ana Stater

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Ancient Greek Coins - Tarsos - Datames - Ana Stater

378-372 BC

Cilicia mint. Obv: 'BLTRZ' legend with Baaltars seated right, torso facing, holding grain ear, bunch of grapes and eagle-tipped sceptre, a thymiaterion at his side, all within a crenelated wall. Rev: 'TRDMW' legend with Ana, naked, standing right, facing satrap, togate, standing left, both raising an arm, a thymiaterion between them, all within dotted square border within linear border. 10.69 grams. Good very fine.

Property of a Hertfordshire, UK gentleman; acquired UK coin market.

SNG France 292; SNG Levante 83.