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Home > Auctions > 25th February 2020 > Egyptian Seated Isis and Horus Statuette

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LOT 0016

GBP (£) 3,000 - 4,000
EUR (€) 3,590 - 4,790
USD ($) 3,890 - 5,190

£2,700 (EUR 3,232; USD 3,503) (+bp*)

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Egyptian Seated Isis and Horus Statuette

26th Dynasty, 664-525 BC

A well executed bronze figure of Isis with the infant Horus on her lap; the goddess seated with feet resting on a square plinth, with uraeus to the brow, horns and disc crown, incised arm-rings, right hand supporting the left breast and left arm supporting the neck of Horus; the child sitting with extended hands resting alongside his thighs, wearing the Double Crown of Upper and Lower Egypt and with sidelock, socket tenon below; mounted on a custom-made stand. 383 grams total, 15.2cm with stand (6"). Fine condition, crown chipped.

Formerly in a private UK collection, formed 1976-2012; previously in the Mr Marks collection, Belgium, assembled between 1967-1976; previously acquired from a Belgian dealer.
A similar figure is in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York under accession number 45.4.4.