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LOT 0086

Sold for (Inc. bp): £2,662

11 1/2" (1.3 kg, 29cm total).

A blackware lekanis with pedestal base and strap handles to the sides, discoid handle to the lid with central rosette; the dish with band of vertical strokes to the outer rim, eccentric brown disc to the centre; the lid with two figural panels separated by red palmettes: Side A: a naked youth sitting on his cloak with legs crossed, upper body turned; cream detail to the shoes, headband and tie for the petasos on his back; in the right hand, the handles to a situla with cream lines and points; in the left hand a second situla with cream detailing and a casket, opened to reveal an alabastron and a round object; bands of cream pellets in the field; Side B: a lady seated on a stand with upper body turned to the rear; cream detail to the shoes and closures of the belted peplos, stephane and bangles to the left wrist; in the right hand the handle of a situla with line and point detailing; in the left hand a phiale with ivy-leaf above, suspended ball below; rosettes and bands of pellets in the field.

From an important Austrian collection; acquired in the early 1980s.

Published in Christidis, M. & Trinkl, E. Bilder für die Ewigkeit. Italische Gefäße in einer burgenländischen Privatsammlung, Graz, 2013, items 10, 11, with a copy of the original catalogue.