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Home > Auctions > 4th October 2012 > Greek Red-Figure Volute Krater with Medusa Heads and Ladies of Fashion

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LOT 1057

Sold for (Inc. bp): £14,625

24 1/2" (5 kg, 57 cm).

A fine and large volute krater of Magna Graecian workmanship; to one side, the head of a lady of fashion, her hair dressed in a sakkos with stephane at the hairline; locks falling to frame the face; flanked by large palmettes; below, a band of running wave patterning; the shoulder red, with pattern of vertical trails in black; to the neck, a palmette between two scrolling motifs; a foliate band below the rim enlivened with dots of ochre slip; the everted rim with a pendant wave pattern to the underside; the exterior rim red with vertical black trails; to the opposite side, an image of Hermaphroditus, nude, seated on a low draped stool; a large kylix in one hand; his feminine hair dressed in a sakkos; his large wings ornately decorated with white and ochre detailing, the feathers delineated in grey; flanked by two large palmettes; to the neck, the head of a lady of fashion, her hair similarly dressed in a sakkos with stephane, curls framing the face; flanked by scrolling palmettes; below the rim, a row of six rosettes, all of individual design; above, a pattern of alternating pellets and pairs of trails; to the underside of the rim, a pendant wave pattern in black against a red backround; the exterior rim with wave pattern enlived with pale slip; the tall strap handles flanked by loops fashioned as arching swan heads; surmounted by volutes with white and yellow painted mascaroons styled as heads of Medusa on the front, the snakes in white slip, and reserved mascaroons on the reverse.

From the estate of a deceased North Country collector, acquired over a 30 year period from the early 1970's; formerly acquired from Astarte Gallery, Britannia Hotel, London, UK.