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Home > Auctions > 2nd June 2020 > Egyptian Painted Cartonnage Collar

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LOT 0009

GBP (£) 800 - 1,000
EUR (€) 900 - 1,120
USD ($) 1,010 - 1,260

£720 (EUR 809; USD 907) (+bp*)

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Egyptian Painted Cartonnage Collar

Ptolemaic Period, 332-30 BC

A D-shaped cartonnage Broad Collar with bands of rosettes, triangles, teardrops and other motifs in white, red, blue and pale green with yellow borders, central pectoral panel with the goddess Maat and crouching supporters with ibis above. 308 grams, 33.5cm (13 1/4"). Fair condition, repaired.

Property of a Middlesex lady; acquired on the London art market in 2007; formerly in a 1970s private collection.