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North-Western Persian Dagger with Blood Channels

Early 1st millennium BC

A two-edged bronze sword blade, leaf-shaped with rectangular tang, corrugated midrib extending almost to the tip and flared at the shoulder, decorated with vertical grooves. 320 grams, 44.5cm (17 1/2"). Fine condition.

Ex Abelita family collection, 1980-2015.

Cf. Christie's, The Axel Guttmann Collection of Ancient Arms and Armour, part 2, London, 2004, item 36, p.33.

The metalworking techniques used in making bronze weapons in early Iran were very complex. Surfaces were often finished in repoussé work, and some of the weapons were chased, others engraved. The ruling elites of warrior horsemen were buried in the graves with their weapons and horses which are the main sources of the Luristan and North-Western bronze weapons.