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LOT 0973

Sold for (Inc. bp): £15,125

94 1/4" (45 kg, 239.5 cm overall).

A crescentic mosaic panel depicting the upper half of the winged female personification of Summer, in a closely fitting white chiton with an embroidered band showing below the waiste, holding a sickle in her right hand and wheat sheaf of corn in her left (the attributes of the summer harvest); wearing the personal adornments of a gold diadem with a green medallion at the front as well as bracelets and a necklace with a large gold medallion, above the head, the text 'ΘΕΡΙΝΗ' (summer) in black denoting here identity; executed in tesserae made of marble with the addition of glass elements indicating a mosaic of high status; the panel shaped to form a quadrant with a disc to the centre; probably one of a suite of four similar panels depicting the Four Seasons being at the corners of a large circular central tondo; the style of the work would suggest a Metropolitan workshop, probably that of Antioch, which alongside Constantinople and Ravenna were the foremost centres for mosaics at the period, the style of the inscription suggests a date of the late 5th-early 6th century AD, such an imposing pavement mosaic could be associated with the large-scale works undertaken by Justinian at the beginning of his reign (527-565 AD); mounted on a board backing.

Property of a Surrey gentleman; acquired in London in 2002; formerly in a Swiss private collection, Zurich in 1987.

Cf. iconographic parallels on the mosaic of Severus from Hamath Tiberias Synagogue and the Church of Beth Alpha. P. Dunbabin, Mosaics of the Greek and Roman World, No.202f.

Accompanied by a copy of the report by Michael Dennis O'Hara (Byzantine Coins and Their Values), dated 29th April 2007.