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LOT 0703

GBP (£) 50 - 70
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Bid History: 5   |   Current bid: £35 (+bp*)

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Bid History: 5   |   Current bid: £35
3/4 - 1 1/4 in. (7.13 grams total, 21-32 mm).

A pair of bifacial bronze military diploma fragments bearing Latin text: fragment A, side 1: 'CAEL[IBES] / DVM [TAXAT]'; side 2: 'NI[- - -] MAX'; fragment B, side 1: 'RNESE / CVS'; side 2: 'AL[- - - / - - -] LL'. [2, No Reserve]

Acquired before 2000.
From the collection of a European gentleman living in the UK.

Cf. Beutler, F. et al., Der Adler Roms. Carnuntum und die Armee der Cäsaren, Bad-Deutsch-Altenburg, 2017, items 905, for type.

Stylistically, the diploma seems connected with the empire of Hadrian, based in style used in letters M and A. The text of the extrinsecus can be partially reconstructed in the sentences ANTO{NI}NUS AVGVSTVS PONTIFEX {MAX}IMUS... AVT SIQUI {CAEL}IBES ESSENT CUM IIS QUAS POSTEA DUXISSENT {DUM}TAXAT SINGULI SINGULAS (...if they were in celibate then, to the maximum limit of only one (wife) for each...). The diploma gives 'HONESTA MISSIO' (honourable discharge) and Roman citizenship to the veterans of an unknown unit, also granting them permission to marry. The text of the internal side (intus) should report the dating, and the names of the soldiers and witnesses.