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LOT 0091

GBP (£) 8,000 - 10,000
EUR (€) 8,830 - 11,040
USD ($) 9,770 - 12,210

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Roman Life-size Statue Hand Holding Cross and Wearing a Cross Pattée Ring

4th-5th century AD

A carved marble statue fragment, a right hand gripping a cross moline talisman, wearing a finger ring on the third finger with disc bezel and cross pattée emblem. 1.2 kg, 14cm (5 1/2"). Very fine condition.

Property of a Brussels collector; formerly in an old German collection formed in the 1990s; supplied with geologic report No. TL005228, by geologic consultant Dr R. L. Bonewitz.

The statue may represent an early churchman or saint, executed at life-size and with considerable attention to detail. Many statues of bishops, for example, feature the figure holding a crozier in the right hand, or the hand raised with fingers extended in the act of benediction. The present example is likely to have represented an early figure from church history, perhaps John the Baptist or one of the Church Fathers.

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