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Home > Auctions > 4th June 2024 > Large Middle Elamite Cylinder Seal of Kidnu, Chief Overseer of King Tan-Ruhurater II

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LOT 0197

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CIRCA 1450 B.C.
1 1/2 in. (23.8 grams, 39 mm).

A high-status green chalcedony seal with frieze depicting a seated figure in horned headdress facing a standing figure with arms outstretched, small monkey to the legs; six columns of Akkadian cuneiform text transliterated as:

1. ki-di-nu UGULA KUŠ-MEŠ
2. GAL šà tan-dru-hu-
3. ra-te-er EŠŠANA šu-ši
4. u an-za-an ARAD 5. šà dha-te-ri-iš
6. šak(?) ì-lí-šu 'Kidinu, chief overseer of the equerries(?) of Tan-Ruhurater, King of Susa and Anzan, servant of Haterishshak, his god'.

The seal's owner was an official of King Tan-Ruhurater II (circa 1450 B.C.), king of Susa and Anzan. The title used to describe Kidinu is sometimes translated 'high official', elsewhere 'horse groom' or 'animal trainer'; the Elamite deity Haterish is otherwise unknown.

From a Mayfair gallery, London, UK; previously acquired in the 1980s.
Property of a North London lady; gifted from her father's collection.
From a collection acquired from various auction houses in the UK.
From the estate of Mr R.W., a private Wiltshire, UK, collector; thence by descent.

Accompanied by a copy of a specialist academic report dated June 2017.
This lot has been checked against the Interpol Database of stolen works of art and is accompanied by a search certificate number no.12122-215563.