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LOT 1636

Sold for (Inc. bp): £4,464

1" (11 grams, 23mm).

A discoid silver seal matrix with raised panel and loop to the reverse; the face with stag's head flanked by profile hounds heads, surmounted by a heater shield between the antlers bearing six martlets, suggesting the full arms to have a stag's head as crest and hounds as supporters, with the legend '*S' ISABELLE : DE : MEAVLINGES' within beaded borders (for 'Seal of Isabelle of Malling'), the design of this seal recalls the seals which show the crucified Christ between the antlers of a deer usually associated with St Hubert and St Eustace..

From the private collection of a German gentleman; acquired prior to 1982. Supplied with a copy of the Mauling pedigree for the 12th-13th century.

Isabelle de Meaulinges: Brand, Paul A., Kings, Barons and Justices: The Making and Enforcement of Legislation in Thirteenth-Century England, 2006: Isabelle de Meaulinges is named as widow of William and mother of Peter in a precedent setting Law case involving.......... and that resulted in provisions being made within the Statute of Marlborough, 1257 AD (Henry III, 52, comprising twenty-nine chapters or provisions and the oldest statute law in Britain that has parts still in force today). [This book is offered with this lot.]
William de Maeulinges: Calendar of Fine Rolls, Henry III, 9: William of Meaulinges is named, with his son Peter; Curia Regis Rolls, Henry III, 33-34, for Suffolk: William and Peter are also again named, with John or (Joanna?): 'Dies datus est Ade de Merseye querenti et Petro de Meaulinges et Johanne uxori ejus inpedientibus de capiendo cyrgrapho suo de una caracata terre et xxv solidatis redditus cum pertinenciis in Dunham a die sancti Martini in xv dies. Et Petrus et Johanna ponunt loco sum Willelmum de Meaulinges etc'; Blount's Ancient Tenures of Land, is cited 'William de Meaulinges holds his land by the serjeanty of selling the cattle of our lord the King at the market-place of Norwich, and his land in Binston was worth forty shillings' (as 'Willielmus de Meaulinges ten', terram suam per serjantiam vendendi averia diii Reg', ad forum de Norwico, et valet terra sua in Binston xls'; Testa de Neville sive Liber Feodorum in Curia Scaccarrii, House of Commons, 1807, p.284 [copy of entry included] and 8 Ricardus Prepositus tenet 3 bovat'. ter'. per waynag dni R. custodiend'; Feodary for the comity of Lancaster. Harl. MS. No. 2085. p. 434).
Peter de Meaulinges: A Short Calendar of the Feet of Fines for Norfolk, Richard I to Edward I, the case of Henry de Barthon v. Peter de Meaulinges, of land and advowson of Redlesworth (Riddlesworth, Suffolk); Testa de Neville sive Liber Feodorum in Curia Scaccarrii, House of Commons, 1807, p.283, 'It Petrus de Meauling tenet qndam sjant in Burston p sviciu vendendi ad com Norff & Suff avia capta p debit dni Reg. Et illam serjant dimisit in feod Robto de Bosco militi' [copy of entry included]; Roles Gascons, published Paris, 1835: 'Et mandaluni est Petro de Meaulinge quod Ipsum Ricardum de scutagio prediclo quielum esse facial, quia Rex mittit litteras suas eidem episcopo, per quas prediclus Pelrns inde quielus esse débet'; see also Brand, Paul A., Kings, Barons and Justices: The Making and Enforcement of Legislation in Thirteenth-Century England, 2006 (above).
Gilbert de Meaulinges: Maxwell Lyte, H. C., A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds, volume 1, London, 1890, p.95, number A. 808: a grant by Richard son of Ranulf, and Hawis his wife, daughter of Ralph de Munvirun, to Thomas Loc and Sabina his wife, of their mill of Straford [Stratford], the said Thomas becoming "our man" and paying 10 marcs, and to Serlo their son and heir for his assent to this grant a measure of wheat. Witnesses:—William Tresgoz, Gilbert de Meaulinges, William Faucilun, and others (named);
Meaulinges (Malling, Sussex): Sazzarin, F. M., Histoire des ducs de Normandie et des rois d'Angleterre, p.190 and index, p.413, gives Meaulinges to Sussex ('MEAULINGES dans le counté de Sussex, près de Lewes'); Ekwall, E. Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Place-Names, Oxford, 1970 s.v. Malling - Meallingas, Mallinges (earliest recorded forms).

The name Isabelle de Meaulinges is linked to Malling in Sussex; the heater shield bears the device of six martlets, traditionally associated with Sussex since medieval times so it is likely that a Norman knight fought with William the Conqueror at Hastings and was awarded the Lordship of the substantial manor of Malling, Sussex (near Lewes, not far from Hastings and recorded in the great Domesday Survey of 1086 as originally held of the archbishop of Canterbury); by the 13th century his descendants had adopted the Meaulinges (Malling) name and had holdings in Norfolk and Suffolk and interests elsewhere; Isabelle was wife to William de Meaulinges and the mother of Peter in the period circa 1225-1280 AD.