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Brocchiere Habsburg Shield

16th century AD

A Buckler-type shield (brocchiere) with two decorative bands, the first with trophies of 'Roman-style' weapons are interspersed with a foliage decoration, the second decorative band with figures of winged sirens within a floral decoration; quadrangular conical umbo to the centre, tapering to an acute point; the reverse with rivets with remains of leather straps. 1.75 kg, 48cm (19"). Fine condition.

T.S. collection, Austria, 1990s.
UK collection.

See Blair, C. & Boccia, L., Armi e Armature, Milano, 1982; Mauro, M., Armeria della Rocca, mostra di armi antiche, Ancona, 1989, no.71.

This round shield or rotella which has a steel tip in the center, was called brocchiere from the steel tip (brocca or brocco).The possible dating of the artefact, according to its style, could be between 1560 and 1590 AD, in the Holy Roman Empire, during the rule of the Habsburgs. The 'French' decoration, incised and darkened, finds parallels with various works of the Renaissance, like an armour of 1550 AD at the Stibbert Museum (Blair & Boccia, 1982, p.33) as well as the the decoration of the twisted cord of the external edge.