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LOT 635

Sold for (Inc. bp): £3,450

(4.490 Kg, 380 mm high (15 inches), 420 mm wide (16.5 inches).).

Magna Gracia, circa 4th century BC. A large, well-painted red figure ware bell krater with restrained use of white slip detailing; laurel motif encircling rim; meander motif along groundline; tongues around handles; palmette complex beneath either handle. Side A: winged Nike seated on rocky outcrop holding phiale with fillet attached, in front a draped female holding tambourine in right hand, thyrsus in her left, laurel branch, rosettes and grape clusters in field. Side B: two draped youthful athletes facing, both with staffs, fillet and palmette complex in field.

From a German private collection, Munich.