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LOT 0711

GBP (£) 10,000 - 14,000
EUR (€) 11,840 - 16,570
USD ($) 12,770 - 17,870

2 3/4" (64 grams, 68mm).

A hinged D-section gold bracelet with raised median guilloche bands, running scroll tendrils and knotwork panels; hinged to the reverse, two bear-head terminals supporting a drum-shaped panel with lateral rings.

Formerly in a European collection; acquired before 1990; accompanied by an examination report from Striptwist Ltd, a London-based company run by historical precious metal specialist Dr Jack Ogden; and X-Ray Fluorescence metal analysis certificate number 00896-2017IJ.

This bracelet was possibly produced in Seljuk Iran during a time that is known as the Islamic 'Golden Age' for the arts, as well as a time when science, economic development and cultural works flourished. During the Middle Ages, Islamic work in the field of luxury metalwork was highly valued in other parts of the world and often traded outside the Islamic zone.

The eastern Islamic world of Iran, Afghanistan, and Central Asia in the medieval period witnessed an explosion of artistic activity. This activity was characterised by technical innovation: new decorative techniques in ceramic and metalwork, as well as a fascinating combination of traditions to form new kinds of Islamic art.

Gold would have been readily available from a number of sources, such as mines in the eastern provinces, trade with neighbouring lands, as well as tribute that was paid by the Byzantines to maintain peace along the political borders of both empires.