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LOT 0932

GBP (£) 5,000 - 7,000
EUR (€) 5,870 - 8,220
USD ($) 6,520 - 9,130

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£5,000 (EUR 5,869; USD 6,524) (+bp*)

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Parthian Goddess Anahita Rhyton

3rd century BC-2nd century AD

A terracotta rhyton with flanged and stepped rim, tapering curved body, figural finial of the goddess Anahita with diadem; bands of red and cream geometric detail to the rim and upper body, red wave patterns to the inner face; the goddess modelled with carefully dressed hair and floral diadem, ringlets cascading to her collar bone, alert facial expression with almond-shaped eyes and prominent nose, with C-shaped billetted collar and chiton, cupping her left breast in her right hand; mounted on a custom-made stand. 2.4 kg, 30cm including stand (11 3/4"). Fine condition, chipped. Rare.

Private collection, London, UK; formed 1970s-1980s.

Aredvi Sura Anahita (Aredvi, mighty and pure) is the Avestan name of a female cosmological figure associated with fertility, healing, wisdom and flowing waters. After the 4th century BC, Anahita became strongly associated with the Semitic goddess Ishtar, and her remit began to cover warfare and the worship of the planet Venus. Her name entered Greek consciousness as Anaitis. Her cult was promoted by the Achaemenid rulers and became further associated with Greek Aphrodite. Into modern times, Aredvi Sura Anahita has been of significance to the Zoroastrian religion, because she is the divinity towards whom the Yasna service ritual is directed.