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LOT 0043

GBP (£) 15,000 - 20,000
EUR (€) 17,520 - 23,360
USD ($) 19,330 - 25,770

Sold for: £35,000
(Inc. bp*)

Important Egyptian Gilt Cartonnage Mask

21st-22nd Dynasty, 1069-730 BC

A cartonnage funerary mask with gilded face and painted detailing; eyes depicted wide open with black pupils and outlines, arched black brows; the brow with circular red-painted ribbon, an ankh to the rear; above the brow a gold disc surmounted by a winged scarab; over the head a painted vulture with outstretched wings, each supporting a feather of the goddess Ma'at, and holding a baton in each of its outstretched claws; the face flanked by lateral pairs of winged ba (soul) birds with raised hands, behind each ba bird a pair of winged goddesses flanking a squatting figure wearing Atef crown, each flanked by the sign nb for gold; below, four panels of a recumbent Anubis surmount panels each with a winged falcon, themselves above a robed figure (the deceased) standing in adoration before a seated Osiris, God of the Dead, the other side with a similar figure worshipping the seated god Ra with sun-disc on his head; panels of roundels, geometric designs, wedjat eyes and other motifs; mounted on a custom-made stand. 3.4 kg total, 46cm not including stand (18"). Fine condition.

Formerly in the private collection of Ambassador Bréjon de Lavergnée; acquired in Cairo between 1966-1968 when he was working there for the French embassy; accompanied by old photos of the mask taken in his house in Paris in the 1970s; also accompanied by French cultural passport number 206374.
Cf. Taylor, J.H. Death and the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt, London, 2001, item 30 for type.