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Home > Auctions > 5th December 2023 > Large Egyptian Faience Djed Pillar Amulet

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LOT 0002

GBP (£) 800 - 1,000
EUR (€) 920 - 1,160
USD ($) 1,020 - 1,270

Current bid: £500 (+bp*)
(4 Bids, Reserve not met)

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(4 Bids, Reserve not met)   |   Current bid: £500
LATE PERIOD, 664-332 B.C.
5 in. (78 grams total, 12.5 cm high including stand).

Olive-green glazed composition amulet with ribbed panel, flared base; mounted on a custom-made stand.

Ex Phillipps collection, with old labels to verso.
Private collection of Mr T.H., Norfolk, UK.

Cf. similar in the collection of the British Museum under accession no.EA58105.

The djed pillar signifies the concepts of 'permanence' and 'stability' and was a common funerary amulet from the Old Kingdom onwards. It was first associated with the gods Ptah and Sokar, but later became a symbol of Osiris, representing the god's backbone. In this context, the djed pillar appears in Chapter 155 of the Book of the Dead, concerned with the resurrection of the deceased.