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LOT 1555

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Western Asiatic Cylinder Seal Group

15th-6th century BC

A mixed group of cylinder seals, limestone (3), faience (1), each drilled through the centre for suspension; each accompanied by a museum-quality impression and a typed and signed scholarly note issued by the late W.G. Lambert, Professor of Assyriology at the University of Birmingham, 1970-1993, which states: 'Seal of faience. Mitanni, c.1400-1100 B.C., pattern of lines and circles(?) (55)'; 'Seal of faience with traces of turquoise glaze. The main item of the design, which is put between upper and lower rules, are three standing figures, each with one arm raised, two tête-bêche to the one. Between the figures are unidentified items. This is a Mitanni seal with a rare, but crude design. It comes from anywhere between the eastern Mediterranean and Kurdistan, and dates to c.1400-1100 B.C. It is generally in good condition. (3002)'; 'Seal of bone or ivory. The design shows two running horned animals, a stag in the rear and an animal with straight horns in front. A dot and crosses are put between the animals' legs, and a star forms a terminal. This is a seal of unusual material, and a rare design. It comes from Syria or Anatolia and dates to c.900-600 B.C. There is some damage to the surface, but the design remains clear. (3093)'; 'Seal of cream frit. The design shows a standing archer wearing a long robe aiming at a standing horned animal from behind. A stylised bush appears between them and there is a crescent in the sky, also some other fillers. This is a Neo-Babylonian seal, c.800-600 B.C., from Babylonia or Syria. It is worn, but the design remains clear. (2026)' 12 grams total, 18-30mm (3/4 - 1 1/4"). Fine condition. [4]

The Signo collection, the property of a West London businessman, formed in the late 1980s-early 1990s; item number 55, 2026, 3002, 3093; academically researched and catalogued by the late Professor Lambert in the early 1990s; and accompanied by four copies of typed and signed scholarly notes by the Professor.