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Home > Auctions > 22nd February 2022 > Anglo-Saxon Coins - Coenwulf - East Anglia / Wihtred - 'Lord Stewartby Collection' Portrait Penny

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Anglo-Saxon Coins - Coenwulf - East Anglia / Wihtred - 'Lord Stewartby Collection' Portrait Penny

796-821 AD

Portrait phase, East Anglian mint (possibly Ipswich?) Obv: profile bust right with annulets hair and +CONVVLF REX M legend with 'M' of Mercian style. Rev: lozenge with five pellets arranged in cross at centre of large cross crosslet dividing PI / HT / R / ED legend for the moneyer Wihtred. 1.18 grams. Good very fine; small loss at edge. Apparently unique for this die pair.

Ex Lord Stewartby 'Academic Collection', Spink Sale, 22 March 2016, lot 95.
Accompanied with print of catalogue entry and collector tickets.
Acquired 2000.
Property of a Hampshire gentleman.
This lot has been checked against the Interpol Database of stolen works of art and is accompanied by AIAD certificate number no.11129-183645.

Naismith E12.7e and pl.79 (this coin).

S. 920; N. 370; Naismith E12.7.

Naismith lists only five coins within this group (E12.7a-e), four of which share die links; this coin is from totally different dies from the other four with an obverse portrait which, together with Naismith E12.7c, shows the hair as a series of annulets, these are the only two obverse dies showing this feature. The place of minting could be Ipswich, which as a town has a long minting history ending in the reign of John (short cross pennies, class 5c issue).