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LOT 498

Sold for (Inc. bp): £1,725

(3.07 Kg, 190 mm overall length.).

6th-8th century AD. A carved stone Christian ossuary casket with figural scenes on three faces and the lid; on the left end panel, within an arch a winged angel genuflecting before a seated figure (Christ), the angel's hand on the figure's lap, the figure's right hand raised and left hand on the angel's head; on the right end panel, within an arch two robed female figures embracing (Mary discovering the empty tomb of Christ); on the front panel, two scenes within adjacent arches, on the left a seated mother and baby flanked by two kneeling males (Magi?), on the right a female placing a baby into a container, watched by a kneeling male and two animals (the Nativity); on the lid, within a sculpted egg-and-reel border, a male bust within a florid frame, flanked by an opposed pair of winged bulls against a background of vegetation; two support bars with angled animal-head finials.

Ex Winter collection.