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LOT 179

Sold for (Inc. bp): £805

(4.44 grams.).

705-511 AD. Constantinople. (Second Reign). Obv: bust of Christ facing, with cross behind head. He has curly hair and a close beard, wearing pallium and colobium, holding book of gospels, and raising right hand in benediction with IhS CRISTDS REX REGNANTIUM legend. Rev: half length figures of Justinian and Tiberius (larger type bust of Tiberius), facing, each wearing crown, divitision and chlamys, holding between them a cross potent on steps with D N IUSTINIAN US ET TIbERIUS P P A legend. Near extremely fine with slight weakness to part of legends.

DOC II 2b; BMC 1-2; Sear Byz. 1415.