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LOT 0038

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Large Egyptian Bronze Djed Pillar

Late Period, 525-332 BC or earlier

A large bronze religious symbol comprising a djed pillar with flared base and transverse rectangular blocks surmounted by an Atef crown with uraeus, papyrus stalk and solar disc above; mounted on a custom-made display stand. 620 grams total, 20cm including stand (8"). Fine condition.

Hugo Johanne collection, Belgium, 1956.

In mythology, Osiris was a just ruler who was overthrown by his jealous brother, Set, who tricked him into a coffin which he cast into the River Nile. The coffin ended up at Byblos where it ran aground, and a tree took root around it. The tree was eventually felled and used for a pillar in the royal palace, where courtiers were surprised by its sweet aroma. The goddess Isis, searching for her husband Osiris, reached Byblos and requested the return of the wooden pillar so she could release her husband from his wooden tomb. Subsequently, the pillar was venerated and became known as the djed. It was recognised in the New Kingdom as a symbol of Osiris and is thought to represent the spine of the god.