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Tuesday 23rd February 2021 to 28th February 2021: Ancient Art, Antiquities & Coins

Egyptian Blue Glazed Bowl with Offerings
Lot No. 0025
Opening bid: £1,395
Egyptian Sarcophagus for a Shrew
Lot No. 0026
Sold for (Inc. premium): £889
Coptic Pyxis with Labours of Hercules
Lot No. 0027
Opening bid: £3,600
Phoenician Necklace with Gold Pomegranate Pendant
Lot No. 0028
Sold for (Inc. premium): £7,620
Phoenician Bead Necklace with Human Bust Pendants
Lot No. 0029
Sold for (Inc. premium): £1,778
Egyptian Red Jasper Triple Teardrop Necklace
Lot No. 0030
Opening bid: £1,350
Phoenician Scarab with Kneeling Archer
Lot No. 0031
Sold for (Inc. premium): £508
Phoenician Phiale with Advancing Sphinxes
Lot No. 0032
Opening bid: £6,300
Large Phoenician Alabaster Torpedo Vase
Lot No. 0033
Sold for (Inc. premium): £8,001
Large Phoenician Alabaster Torpedo Vase
Lot No. 0034
Sold for (Inc. premium): £8,001
Greek Bust of Cleopatra
Lot No. 0035
Sold for (Inc. premium): £24,130
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