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Tuesday 23rd February 2021 to 28th February 2021: Ancient Art, Antiquities & Coins

Egyptian Green Mottled Stone Jar
Lot No. 0001
Sold for (Inc. premium): £1,651
Egyptian Diorite Two-Handled Jar
Lot No. 0002
Sold for (Inc. premium): £2,286
Egyptian Stone Kohl Pot
Lot No. 0003
Sold for (Inc. premium): £826
Egyptian Travertine Two-Handled Jar
Lot No. 0004
Opening bid: £972
Egyptian Stone Bowl
Lot No. 0005
Opening bid: £1,350
Large Egyptian Canopic Jar of Baboon-Headed Hapi
Lot No. 0006
Sold for (Inc. premium): £20,320
Large Egyptian Rock Crystal Taweret Amulet
Lot No. 0007
Opening bid: £2,700
Egyptian Lapis Lazuli Squatting Bes
Lot No. 0008
Sold for (Inc. premium): £1,524
Egyptian Gold Swivel Ring with Scarab
Lot No. 0009
Opening bid: £1,170
Egyptian Gold Cat Amulet
Lot No. 0010
Sold for (Inc. premium): £1,080
Egyptian Gold Repousse Panel with Thoth and Pharaoh
Lot No. 0011
Sold for (Inc. premium): £953
Large Egyptian Striding Re-Horakhty
Lot No. 0012
Opening bid: £40,000
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