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Tuesday 25th February 2020 to Monday 2nd March 2020: Ancient Art, Antiquities & Coins
Phoenician Glass Head Pendant
Lot No. 0061
Sold for (Inc. premium): £875
Phoenician Blue and White Glass Head
Lot No. 0062
Sold for (Inc. premium): £325
Coptic Bone Doll
Lot No. 0063
Opening bid: £1,215
Hellenistic Carved Head of a Bird of Prey
Lot No. 0064
Opening bid: £45,000
Greek Marble Statue of a Kore
Lot No. 0065
Opening bid: £5,400
Greek Marble Statuette of Cybele
Lot No. 0066
Sold for (Inc. premium): £1,125
Greek Marble Hand of a Boy
Lot No. 0067
Sold for (Inc. premium): £550
Greek Repoussé Plaque Fragment with Perseus
Lot No. 0068
Sold for (Inc. premium): £350
Greek Tablet Fragment Group
Lot No. 0069
Sold for (Inc. premium): £1,063
Greek Terracotta Figurine
Lot No. 0070
Sold for (Inc. premium): £810
Greek Canosa Terracotta Figurine
Lot No. 0071
Sold for (Inc. premium): £1,063
Italic Terracotta Figurine
Lot No. 0072
Opening bid: £648
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