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Tuesday 26th November 2019 to Tuesday 3rd December 2019: Ancient Art, Antiquities & Coins
Egyptian Carnelian Wedjat Eye Amulet
Lot No. 0025
Sold for (Inc. premium): £363
Egyptian Carnelian Scarab Amulet
Lot No. 0026
Opening bid: £288
Egyptian Scarab with Date Palm
Lot No. 0027
Sold for (Inc. premium): £1,125
Egyptian Gold and Composition Amulet Group
Lot No. 0028
Opening bid: £432
Egyptian Hardstone Amulet Group
Lot No. 0029
Sold for (Inc. premium): £1,000
Phoenician Statue with Chalice
Lot No. 0030
Opening bid: £2,025
Phoenician Casket with Animals
Lot No. 0031
Sold for (Inc. premium): £1,750
Phoenician Carnelian Hippopotamus Statuette
Lot No. 0032
Opening bid: £1,620
Phoenician Glass Bead Necklace
Lot No. 0033
Opening bid: £1,080
Phoenician Funerary Stele for King Hilles Son of King Uzriyya
Lot No. 0034
Sold for (Inc. premium): £3,250
Phoenician Funerary Stele for Ben Azizu
Lot No. 0035
Sold for (Inc. premium): £550
Phoenician Funerary Stele for the Maid Slave of Tanit, Daughter of Semu
Lot No. 0036
Sold for (Inc. premium): £1,375
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