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Friday 23rd November 2018 to Wednesday 28th November 2018: Ancient Art, Antiquities & Coins

Passed Lots

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Egyptian Offering Cup
Lot No. 0025
Opening bid: £558
Egyptian Blue Alabastron
Lot No. 0026
Sold for (Inc. premium): £200
Egyptian Ramesside Painted Stele Fragment
Lot No. 0027
Opening bid: £5,040
Egyptian Canopic Jar Lid with Head of Imsety
Lot No. 0028
Sold for (Inc. premium): £3,375
Egyptian Canopic Jar with 'Words spoken by Nephthys'
Lot No. 0029
Sold for (Inc. premium): £5,625
Egyptian Granite Piriform Vase
Lot No. 0030
Opening bid: £3,600
Egyptian Alabaster Lidded Vessel
Lot No. 0031
Opening bid: £990
Egyptian Alabaster Hanging Bowl
Lot No. 0032
Opening bid: £2,000
Egyptian Alabaster Bowl
Lot No. 0033
Opening bid: £700
Egyptian Amulet Collection
Lot No. 0034
Sold for (Inc. premium): £1,213
Egyptian Carved Amulet Collection
Lot No. 0035
Opening bid: £810
Cypro-Phoenician Monumental Female Statuette
Lot No. 0036
Opening bid: £5,400
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