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TimeLine Auctions: May 2021 Catalogue Auction


Welcome to our second ancient art, antiquities and coin catalogue auction of 2021.
Following the initial selection process and thorough analysis undertaken by our in-house cataloguing team, the objects within this sale were vetted by our committee of external experts at the beginning of April.
We would like to take this opportunity to welcome two more archaeologists to our consultancy and vetting team, Dr Alberto Pollastrini and Dr Laura Vigna. Dr Pollastrini completed his PhD in Egyptology at EPHE Paris and has published research on military history and pharaonic ideology. Dr Vigna specialises in jewellery, ceramic and marble; bringing with her a wealth of experience including working for many notable institutions such as the Capitoline Museum in Rome, the Archaeological Superintendence of Rome, and the Italian Central Institute for Cataloguing and Documentation.

Highlights of this sale include: lot 8, the Egyptian Human-Headed Canopic Jars, guided at £60,000-£80,000; lot 30, a Greek Marble Gorgon, guided at £15,000-£20,000; lot 37, an Elymaean Hellenistic Silver Bowl with Animals, guided at £80,000-£100,000; lot 38, a Graeco-Roman Gold and Emerald Necklace Element Set, guided at £10,000-£14,000; lot 98, a Fresco of a Roman Military Commander, guided at £25,000-£35,000; lot 114, a Byzantine Gold Ring with Jesus and Archangels, guided at £15,000-£20,000; lot 389, a Renaissance Bust of Marcus Aurelius, guided at £40,000-£60,000; and lot 427, the Medieval Gold ‘The Gift of Loyal Love’ Posy Ring, guided conservatively at £4,000-£6,000.
Our May catalogue is dedicated to a prominent archaeologist, the late Basil Brown; the dedication written by independent Anglo-Saxon scholar, Stephen Pollington, who has worked extensively on Sutton Hoo. Stephen has kindly agreed to give a presentation on the excavations at Sutton Hoo and the magnificent artefacts that were found there. This lecture will form part of our customary viewing and champagne reception at the May Fair Hotel, as soon as UK isolation rules permit. (See the following news item for dedication).
Yours sincerely,
Brett Hammond CEO
at TimeLine Auctions