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TimeLine Auctions - February 2021 Catalogue Auction


Welcome to our first ancient art, antiquities and coin catalogue auction of 2021. The vetting process for this sale took a more extended form, taking place over the first two weeks of January. Breaking with our tradition of a two-day vetting committee meeting, each consultant was invited in turn to view and vet the material. Following the initial selection process and expert analysis from our in-house cataloguing team, this sale was vetted by a total of fourteen external specialists before making its way into the pages of the printed catalogue.
Highlights from February's sale include: lot 6, a large Egyptian Canopic Jar of Baboon-Headed Hapi, guided at £15,000-£20,000; lot 35, a Greek bust of Cleopatra, opening at £18,000; lot 52, a Hellenistic Silver Rhyton with Deer Protome, guided at £100,000-£140,000; lot 303, a Rare and Important Royal Jin Bodhisattva Maitreya, opening at £18,000; lot 451, a Large Viking Period Sogdian Silver Vessel with Animal Figures, guided at £70,000-£90,000; and lot 0497, ‘The Hedingham Castle Estate’ Elizabethan Gold Ring with Edward de Vere as Emperor, which opens at £13,500.
Observant clients that receive our printed catalogue will notice that we have chosen to dedicate each of our catalogues to the memory of a prominent archaeologist, antiquarian, collector or individuals who have dedicated their lives to the protection of antiquities and the pursuit of knowledge about the ancient world. As such, the February auction catalogue is dedicated to the late Khaled al-Asaad, whose life work concerned the protection of the ancient city of Palmyra. We are proud to announce that Khaled al-Assad's son has kindly agreed to travel to London and present a lecture on his father's work and legacy. This lecture will form as part of our customary viewing and champagne reception at the May Fair Hotel, as soon as UK isolation rules permit (see other news item for the dedication).
Yours sincerely,
Brett Hammond CEO
at TimeLine Auctions