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Timeline Auctions - September 2021 Catalogue Auction

Welcome to our third ancient art, antiquities and coin catalogue auction of 2021.

In early July, a committee of external experts convened to inspect and vet the objects within this sale, the items having already been through an initial selection process and a thorough analysis by our in-house cataloguing team.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Dr. Raffaele D’Amato on becoming the new head of our Antiquities Department. Dr. D’Amato has worked for us effectively over the past year and we are excited by the new opportunities his leadership will present. We would also like to welcome another archaeologist to our consultancy team, Diana Mroczek. Diana has a Master’s Degree in Archaeology as well as a deep involvement in art history and especially portrait sculpture. She has specialised in Mediterranean archaeology with a particular interest in Graeco-Roman sculpture.

There are several highlights to be found amongst the many English found objects in this sale: lot 94, 'The Alvescot' Roman Steelyard Weight with Head of Jupiter, the second largest steelyard weight recorded on the PAS database, guided at £3,000-£4,000; lot 184, 'The Witherley' Roman Lead Pig Ingot, weighing in at a massive 74 kg, guided at £3,000-£4,000; lot 452, 'The Whixall' Early Bronze Age Cup-and-Ring Monolith, the oldest piece of art ever discovered in Shropshire, a find of regional and possibly of national importance, guided at £5,000-£7,000; lot 474, 'The Scotch Corner' Anglo-Saxon Hanging Bowl Mounts and Bowl, a hemispherical bowl of Bruce-Mitford's type ‘C’, guided at £6,000-£8,000; lot 476, the Anglo-Saxon 'Eadwine me Fecit' Inscribed Pommel, another rare survivor conservatively guided at £800-£1,000; and lot 549, 'The Chaldon' Medieval Crowned Female Figure, guided at £4,000-£6,000.

Other highlights include: lot 16, an Egyptian Blue Faience Furniture Fitting for the Pharaoh Ramesses II, guided £15,000-£20,000; lot 24, the excessively rare set of Egyptian Silver Finger Stalls, guided at £50,000-£70,000; lot 69, a Monumental Roman Marble Head of Apollo Giustiniani, guided at £50,000-£70,000; lot 70, the muscular Roman Veined Marble Torso of an Athlete, guided at £100,000-£140,000; lot 71, the Roman Marble Silenus Carrying an Askos; guided at £50,000-£70,000; and lot 374, a Corinthian Hoplite Helmet, guided at £40,000-£50,000; to name just a few.

Our September catalogue is dedicated to a prominent amateur archaeologist, the late Heinrich Schliemann. Amongst many important discoveries, Schliemann miraculously discovered the mythical city of Troy in 1873.