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TimeLine Auctions: Bringing Antiquities to the World: Browse Now www.timelineauctions.com

Since our founding TimeLine has sold ancient art and collectibles to collectors around the world. We have enabled thousands of buyers to experience the joy of collecting through our beautiful catalogues, viewing days and our rostrum auctions in central London. We invite you to learn about, enjoy and own antiquities from across the ancient world. Our catalogues feature many unique pieces from fascinating ancient civilisations, including those of Egypt, Greece, Rome, Asia and Europe.

To ensure that your work of art reaches your collection safely and securely, TimeLine liaises with Mail Boxes etc. to ship to any country in the world, using trusted delivery services such as UPS and FedEx.

TimeLine is one of the world's leading auctioneers of fine antiquities, including sculpture, jewellery, ceramics, and other luxury and domestic artefacts. Each lot comes with expert research, cataloguing and professional photography backed by TimeLine's customer satisfaction guarantee. We are proud of our specialists' and consultants' depth and breadth of expertise, and reach out through our network of recognised experts to broaden our knowledge.

TimeLine has developed an unmatched network of collectors, dealers, agents and experts to offer you some of the largest collections of ancient art available anywhere. The cultures and collectors we represent make up an encyclopaedia of the ancient art world. We are many collector's exclusive dealer, allowing us to offer antiquities directly to the market. It is a joy for us to give collectors a vehicle to supply directly one another in an experience that prior to our founding extended only to the wealthiest art patrons and collectors through Bonham's, Christies' and Sotheby's.

For collectors, working with TimeLine is a mutual relationship that grows with every acquisition.  Our passionate staff are committed to bringing ancient art closer to each and every client, regardless of experience and budget and to give them the opportunity to acquire ancient art with confidence. Trust is of paramount importance; you can trust TimeLine to represent your interests and to consistently provide great customer service. You don't need many art dealers and auction houses, you need the best. There are no great collectors without great suppliers.