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New TimeLine Auctions Absentee Bidding System and Terms & Conditions Update

Our new interactive absentee bidding system is active now. It offers some improved features to assist you with your bid management, including:
·         New clock countdown until absentee bids are closed
·         Absolute lowest start bid level is now shown
·         Bid confirmation by email
·         Outbid notification by email
Our all-new system has many advantages over alternatives. We believe it will help you to manage your absentee bids and give you the best chance of success.
The new “countdown” feature allows you to keep up-to-date with how long remains until absentee bidding finishes.
The new “outbid email” feature lets you know when someone has left a higher bid than yours so that you can either leave a higher bid yourself, or transfer your efforts to another lot. This facilitates better management of your bid amount(s) and also gives you the chance to bid higher on the day of the auction, should you decide to, by updating the current level of bidding.
A bid, once made, is binding. In the event of any error, please contact us on md@timelineauctions.com or +(44) 1277 815121.
You can continue to bid on the day in the room, on the telephone, or via www.liveauctioneers.com or www.the-saleroom.com

We have also revised and updated our general Terms and Conditions, with immediate effect, to reflect our new systems and to simplify them. Clients should familiarise themselves with these.