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Welcome to the TimeLine Auctions February 2018 London sale.

We are pleased to be able to offer for sale a variety of interesting and unusual items from various cultures around the world.

We look forward to presenting some splendid English finds in the sale. A unique opportunity is the group of 8th century Anglo-Saxon hollowed-oak coffins from Great Ryburgh, Norfolk (Lots 386-8). We also offer one of the best Iron Age enamelled mount we have ever seen (Lot 868) with an intriguing design incorporating enigmatic ‘hidden faces’. A bronze Corinthian helmet (Lot 308) is another unusual example of a classic design which is instantly recognisable. Among our coins we are thrilled to present an unpublished denarius of Carausius (Lot 1148) and a remarkable William I two-stars penny (Lot 1211) issued by the moneyer Godwine at Chichester.

We would like to welcome Dr. Brian Gilmour of Oxford as a regular consultant. He will be known to many of our clients from the interesting presentation he made at our May 2017 champagne evening entitled 'Scientific Investigation of Artefacts in the Arms and Armour World'. Dr. Gilmour is a fellow of the Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art, University of Oxford and was for many years the archaeo-metallurgical researcher at the  Royal Armouries, Tower of London. He has written widely on aspects of Anglo-Saxon Ferrous Technology and contributed to several archaeological reports and research papers.

At our champagne reception you will have the opportunity to meet TV presenter Lindsay Gundersen and Antiques Roadshow favourites Tim Wonnacott and Lennox Cato.

Yours sincerely,

Brett Hammond (CEO)


Auction Catalogue

Viewing from noon Thursday 22nd Nov. 2018
Champagne Reception: 6pm - 9pm

Friday 23rd Nov. 2018 (Day 1)
10am : Lots 1 - 660

Auction Venue:
The Court House
363 Main Road
Harwich, CO12 4DN

Auctions start 10am BST (Lunch 1.30 - 2pm)
Saturday 24th Nov. 2018 (Day 2)
Lots 700 - 1361
Sunday 25th Nov. 2018 (Day 3)
Lots 1362 - 2020
Monday 26th Nov. 2018 (Day 4)
Lots 2021 - 2681
Tuesday 27th Nov. 2018 (Day 5)
Lots 2682 - 3343
Wednesday 28th Nov. 2018 (Day 6)
Lots 3344 - 3506
Lots 3600 – 4100+

See auction lots: