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LOT 0078

GBP (£) 1,800 - 2,400
EUR (€) 1,990 - 2,660
USD ($) 2,360 - 3,150

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£1,800 (EUR 1,994; USD 2,364) (+bp*)

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Roman Young Warrior God Statuette

2nd-3rd century AD

A bronze statuette of a Roman warrior god in a striding stance, wearing a muscled armour (statos), over a thoracomacus with pendant stripes (pteryges), the right arm raised, the left arm resting; on the legs he is wearing greaves (ocreae); the armour is fitted with shoulder parts (umeralia) and decorated on the breast with the usual Gorgon (Medusa), representing the head of the terrible Fury killed by Perseus and normally employed as a symbol of rank by the Roman commanders. 255 grams, 12cm (4 3/4"). Very fine condition.

Property of a South London collector; previously acquired on the European art market 1970-1980.
See Beutler, F., Farka C., Gugl C., Humer F., Kremer, G., Pollhammer (ed.), Der Adler Roms, Carnuntum und die Armee der Caesaren, Bad Voslau, 2017, pp.182-183, for similar.
The warrior is wearing a type of old style Hellenic helmet or soft cap, and his armour shows the classical cymation attachment for the pteryges; probably the statuette was employed like a family ex voto for the represented god, perhaps Ganymede or Mercury.