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LOT 0474

GBP (£) 500 - 700
EUR (€) 590 - 820
USD ($) 650 - 910

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£450 (EUR 528; USD 587) (+bp*)

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Viking Weapon and Other Artefact Collection

9th-11th century AD

A mixed group of iron objects comprising: two axeheads each with a square chin to the slightly curved blade, one with a hammer to the rear of the socket; an axehead fragment with wedge-shaped blade, part of the socket, a section of each face and the socket keyed to accept applied brass(?) detailing; a barbed fish hook; a spearhead of piled iron with narrow lozengiform blade, slender neck, split socket with hole for an attachment peg; a single-edged knife or seax with triangular blade and long whittle tang, pattern-welded core with piled outer bands and welded steel(?) edge. 1.6 kg total, 10.2-39.8cm (4 - 15 3/4"). Fair condition. [6]

From an important private family collection; acquired on the European art market in the 1980s, and thence by descent.

See Arbman, H. Birka I: Die Gräber, Uppsala, 1940.