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Western Asiatic War Axehead with Crescentic Blade

2nd millennium BC

A compact bronze axehead with elongated crescentic blade, the collared shaft hole with rounded extension on butt. 310 grams, 13.5cm (5 1/4"). Fine condition.

Ex Abelita family collection, 1980-2015.

See similar axehead in Christie's, The Axel Guttmann Collection of Ancient Arms and Armour, part 2, London, 2004, item 19, pp.20-21; Gernez, G., L’armament en métal au Proche et Moyen-Orient: des origines a 1750 av. J.C., Paris, 2007, fig.2.14, for the type.

The axehead belongs to the type H2.H.b of the Gernez classification. This typology of axes is known from Susa and Luristan. These axes are usually fairly small, with an average blade length between 6.4cm and 8.05cm. The length and shape of the cutting edge suggests that the effectiveness of this weapon was primarily based on the size and sharpness of the artefact, more than on the impact power.