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LOT 0321

GBP (£) 10,000 - 14,000
EUR (€) 11,970 - 16,760
USD ($) 12,970 - 18,160

Sold for: £11,250
(Inc. bp*)

South East Asian Vishnu Statue

11th-14th century AD

A carved and polished sandstone statue of the four-armed Vishnu standing, wearing a simple pleated sampot fastened by a band knotted below the waist; the body slender and youthful, the face serene with broad nose and full lips, lengthened earlobes with vertical slits; columnar jatamukata headdress (formed from matted and twisted locks of hair); mounted on a custom-made stand. 64.2 kg total, 1.2m with stand (47 1/4"). Fine condition.

Property of an East Sussex gentleman; from his private collection formed between 1983 and 1990; formerly in a South East London collection formed in the 1970s; accompanied by geologic report No. TL005269 by geologic consultant Dr R. L. Bonewitz.
Cf. Van Beek, Steve and Tettoni, Luca Invernizzi, The Arts of Thailand, 1986, pp.57 and 60 for similar examples.
From the early part of the first millennium AD the South East Asia region was heavily influenced by art, religion, philosophy and literature brought from India by merchants and traders, many of whom settled in the trading posts they set up; the effects of this influx can be seen to the present day and religious art in particular has followed closely the traditions of India.