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Home > Auctions > 25th February 2020 > Natural History - Very Large Bull Mammoth Tusk

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LOT 0642

GBP (£) 12,000 - 17,000
EUR (€) 14,010 - 19,850
USD ($) 15,460 - 21,900

Sold for: £15,000
(Inc. bp*)

Natural History - Very Large Bull Mammoth Tusk

Pleistocene Era, 40000-20000 BP

A magnificently large and heavy complete bull woolly mammoth Elephas primigenius tusk, having a dramatic twisting curve along the length and showing light wear to the tip. 34 kg, 236cm along the curve (93"). Fine condition; professionally conserved and restored. Very rare.

From a private European palaeontological collection; formerly in a Spanish collection; previously from a collection formed in Arizona, USA.
See Guide to the Elephants (Recent and Fossil) in the British Museum (Natural History), BM, 1922, pp.35-47 for discussion.