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LOT 0194

GBP (£) 500 - 700
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Sold for (Inc. bp): £572

Urartu Silver Bracelet with Animal Heads

9th-6th century BC

A silver round-section penannular bracelet with opposed beast-head terminals. 79 grams, 77mm (3"). Fine condition.

From a deceased gentleman, London/Israel collection, 1970-1999.

See The British Museum, 'Annual Report of the General Progress of the Museums for the year 1936' in Natural History, 1937, pp.10-11, accession no.1936,0613.188.

A similar bracelet was found during the excavations of Urartu site at the castle of Çavuştepe, near Van. The necropolis dates to the kingdom of Sarduri II (764-735 BC) who built the fortress. The bracelet was found in the grave and considering that the Urartians were the ancestors of the Proto-Armenians it could be an afterlife gift destined to honour the god Vahagn, the Dragon Reaper.