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LOT 0432

GBP (£) 12,000 - 17,000
EUR (€) 13,290 - 18,830
USD ($) 15,760 - 22,330

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£7,200 (EUR 7,977; USD 9,457) (+bp*)

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Iron Age Twisted Gold Torc

1st-2nd century AD

A penannular gold neck-ring with body formed from twisted rods, loop finials. 88.52 grams, 14cm (5 1/2"). Very fine condition.

From the private collection of Jon Lawton, Surrey, UK; ex Nicholas Wright collection; formerly with Maurice Braham in the early 1980s; accompanied by an Art Loss Register certificate no. 8708(8).AR; a positive metal analysis report and a copy of the collector’s notes.
See Farley, J. and Hunter, F., Celts Art and Identity, London, 2015, p.105-7 and 123-4, for discussion of torcs and their role in British society.
Neck-rings were a symbol of power in Iron Age society - as much a badge of rank as a personal decoration or adornment. While bronze and silver examples are relatively widespread, examples in gold are rare and it is believed that the use of this metal marked the wearer out as significant - either an important political leader or a religious officiant, or both.