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Home > Auctions > 24th May 2022 > Ancient Roman Republican Coins - The Wishanger, Hampshire Hoard of Early AR Denarii and Later Issues [52]

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LOT 8144

GBP (£) 2,000 - 3,000
EUR (€) 2,330 - 3,500
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Bid History: 1   |   Current bid: £1,800 (+bp*)

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Bid History: 1   |   Current bid: £1,800

Group comprising the entire find, as reported under the Treasure Act and including: Republican denarii (9, different moneyers and types); Imperatorial denarii (8; including 2 Julius Caesar and 5 Mark Antony legionary types); Imperial denarii (20; including 3 Augustus, 'Tribute Penny' type of Tiberius and extending to Trajan); Imperial sestertii (10; including Lucilla and period); Constantine I Urbs Roma commemorative (1); an enamelled trumpet brooch and ceramic fragments (2); all in the identifying packets from the British Museum. (390 grams total.). Worn to good very fine. A rare British hoard type with associated finds, offered in its entirety. [52]

Found while using a metal detector at Wishanger, Hampshire, UK, 16 March 2021.
Disclaimed under Treasure Act reference 2021 T163, with British Museum letter.
Recorded on the British Museum's Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) reference SUR-1B6543, accompanied by a printout of the record.
Property of a Hampshire gentleman.
This lot has been checked against the Interpol Database of stolen works of art and is accompanied by AIAD certificate no.11161-188101.

See the British Museum's Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS), reference SUR-1B6543 (this find); see Treasure act reference 2021 T163 (this find).

Denarii types present include: Sear 60-62, 108, 167, 179, 286, 366, 377, 382, 396, 1399, 1403, 1384, 1479 (5), 1549, 1614, 1596, 1597, 1763, 2312, 2305, 2438, 2308, 2289, 2283, 2293 (2), 2517, 2514, 2568 and 2738.

A more detailed list of the coins and items in this group, with catalogue references and grades, accompanies this lot and can be supplied on request.

The find includes coins from three distinct periods: 22 denarii of the Republic and early Empire, 16 denarii of the immediate post Civil War period from 69-102 A.D. and 11 post 150 A.D. bronzes. Coins of the Republic and early Empire circulated for very long periods, some of these were nearly two centuries old at the time of the Claudian invasion of 43 A.D. and they were treasured for their reliable and good metal. The denarii in this find, although spanning a period from around 138 B.C. to 102 A.D. would have thus all been in circulation together and, given the unusually high proportion of very early issues present, could well represent the quite meagre savings of a householder occupying a small rural homestead; the total of 38 denarii would be a significant sum to such a person. The 10 bronze sestertii are not likely to have been connected with the denarii; they are from a substantially later period, around 150-200 A.D. and all show severe circulation wear such that they were losses from even later; the single commemorative coin of Constantine I is obviously a stray find and not connected with the earlier coins.