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LOT 0258

GBP (£) 1,000 - 1,400
EUR (€) 1,200 - 1,670
USD ($) 1,360 - 1,910

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£900 (EUR 1,076; USD 1,225) (+bp*)

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Chinese Tang Deep Maroon Horse

Tang Dynasty, 618-907 AD

A ceramic horse figure modelled in the round, standing on a rectangular base with semi-naturalistic anatomical detailing, cropped mane and dressed tail, integral moulded saddle, painted bridle and harness; remains of polychrome painted pigmentation on a deep maroon body. 5.6 kg, 47cm high (18 1/2"). Finely modelled.

Oriental Gallery, Bath 1980s.
Desmond Morris collection, 1980s-2019.