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Home > Auctions > 1st September 2020 > Large Indus Valley Stamp Seal with Quadruped

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LOT 0368

GBP (£) 400 - 600
EUR (€) 440 - 660
USD ($) 520 - 790

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£360 (EUR 399; USD 471) (+bp*)

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Large Indus Valley Stamp Seal with Quadruped

Late 3rd millennium BC

A thick bronze stamp seal with dentilled rim and loop handle; accompanied by an old scholarly note, typed and signed by W.G. Lambert, late Professor of Assyriology, University of Birmingham, 1970-1993, which states: 'Stamp Seal of Bronze 68 x 69 x 28mm. This is round, with notched outer edge, with flat face and flat back, on which is mounted a handle of inverted V-shape. The design shows a winged quadruped with serpentine neck and head, with jaws wide open. Another snake's head appears facing the larger one. This comes from west central Asia and dates to c. 2300-2000 B.C. It is an extremely large and fine piece, though the metal has suffered from corrosion. It has now been conserved and is in good condition.' 166 grams, 70mm (2 3/4"). Fine condition.

The Signo collection, the property of a West London businessman, formed in the late 1980s-early 1990s; collection number T-522; academically researched and catalogued by the late Professor Lambert in the early 1990s.