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Home > Auctions > 2nd June 2020 > Parthian Silver Panther-Handled Cup

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LOT 0076

GBP (£) 6,000 - 8,000
EUR (€) 6,740 - 8,990
USD ($) 7,560 - 10,080

£5,400 (EUR 6,065; USD 6,804) (+bp*)

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Parthian Silver Panther-Handled Cup

2nd century BC-2nd century AD

A silver cup of biconvex profile with slightly dished base, rounded rim, handle formed as a panther modelled in the round with straight legs and slender body. 454 grams, 13.5cm (5 1/2"). Fine condition. Rare.

Condition report [Click to show]

Property of a Middlesex collector; acquired on the London art market before 2000; formerly in an old English collection; accompanied by an archaeological expertise from Dr. Raffaele D’Amato; this lot has been checked against the Interpol Database of stolen works of art and is accompanied by AIAD certificate number no.147363-10023.
See Moorey, P.R., Bunker E.C., Porada E., Markoe G., Ancient Bronzes, Ceramics and seals, Los Angeles, 1981; Muscarella, O.W., Bronze and iron, Ancient Near Eastern Artifacts in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 1988; Ebbinghaus, S., Feasting with gods, heroes, and kings, Cambridge, 2019.
The style of the animal's head, the mouth, the ears and the elongated body, suggest that the object was manufactured during the Parthian period. The image of the panther or leopard is strictly linked to the Parthian iconography and imagery, as attested in some artefacts from the Metropolitan Museum (Muscarella, 1988, pp.296-297, nn. 421-422, the latter with nearly identical panther to the one of this handle). Another Parthian vessel handle shaped as a feline is in the Nasli M. Heermaneck Collection in Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Moorey, Bunker, Porada, Markoe,1981, p.114, n.659).