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LOT 0084

GBP (£) 800 - 1,000
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Bid History: 2   |   Current bid: £790

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Bid History: 2   |   Current bid: £790

Roman Silver Legionary Brooch

3rd century AD

A parcel-gilt silver crossbow brooch comprising a hexagonal-section bar with gilt knop finials, rectangular openwork bow with inset epigraphic panel 'LEGXICLPF' (Legio XI Claudia Pia Fidelis) and gilt knop to the angle; D-section catchplate. 32 grams, 60mm (2 1/4"). Fine condition.

From the collection of a Surrey gentleman; acquired 1970-1980.

Cf. Heeren, S. & van der Feijst, L., Fibulae uit de Lage Landen. Beschrijving, Analyse en Interpretatie van een Archeologische Vondstcategorie, Amersfoort, 2017, items NL-0446-11a-294, NL-1219-03a-002, NL-1225-01b-005, for prototypes.

Legio XI Claudia, the eleventh legion, was a unit of the Imperial Roman army, levied by Julius Caesar for his campaign against the Belgic Nervii tribe. During the turbulent period of the third century the legio had its headquarters in the Pannonia Inferior, but various detachments (vexillationes) of this legio operated in the western and eastern corners of the huge empire. Between 200 and 250 AD a vexillation was in the Pontus at Alma Kermen, while between 198-209 we have sources for another vexillation in Asia, at Aulutrene. In 297-298 AD, a vexillation of the legion followed the Emperor Diocletian in Egypt.